Watts Gwilliam & Company provides investment management and advisory services to wealthy individuals and families. The firm was established to provide an investment environment removed from the many conflicts of interest that plague the brokerage community. Watts Gwilliam & Company leverages the experience of professionals who have dedicated their careers to advising wealthy individuals, families, trusts, and foundations in the United States. 

At Watts Gwilliam & Company our clients benefit from the following: 

  • Wealth management expertise; 
  • A reputation for client relationships based on trust; 
  • A superior level of personalized service; 
  • An investment strategy designed to meet long-term objectives and income needs; 
  • Independence and objectivity that yield attractive investment options; 
  • Dedication to preserving and building capital over the long term; 

We understand the complexities wealth can pose. Our financial strategies go well beyond investment management, taking all of your financial needs into consideration.

Statement of Values

At Watts Gwilliam & Company we understand and value the trust implicit in an investment advisory relationship. This client trust is our company’s greatest asset and is based on the following statement of values: 

Passion - We maintain a passion for serving our clients that permeates the entire organization and drives employees to continually strive for the highest level of service in the execution of their duties. 

Respect - We respect our clients individual goals and diligently work to help the client achieve these goals. We treat our clients and employees in a manner of dignity that creates an atmosphere of trust. We value the rights and privacy of all our clients, and respect the individuality of each. 

Integrity - We deal in an open and honest environment and maintain the highest degree of commitment to ensuring that integrity is a cornerstone in our dealings with all our clients. Our firm has been structure to eliminate the conflicts of interest common in the brokerage industry and detrimental to the client. 

Dedication - Watts Gwilliam & Company is dedicated to making a client’s financial dreams reality. This dedication influences our company’s research, product offerings, investment management, financial planning and all other duties required for success. 

Excellence - We continually strive for excellence. We raise the bar to a greater height, utilize creativity and undertake prudent risk, where necessary, to advance our performance. 

Our Clients

Our clients are wealthy individuals and families who, like you, experience many complex financial planning and investment needs. Often client’s come to Watts Gwilliam & Company because of a life-changing event, such as: 

  • Early Retirement 
  • Inheritance 
  • Divorce 
  • Adverse relationship with another advisor 
  • Vesting of Corporate Stock Options 
  • Selling a Business 
  • Legal Settlements 
  • Signing a Professional Sports Contract
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