Rising Yields…What’s Next?

The following chart graphically compares treasury yields as of two separate dates (April 1, 2013-Yellow and December 09, 2013-Green). Each of the lines represent the “yield curve” on that date. A yield curve plots the interest rates of different bonds, with identical credit quality, over various maturity dates.

2013 Arizona Tax Credits

As in past years, in 2013 the State of Arizona offers tax credits allowing residents to make contributions to schools and non-profit organizations, and then receive that money as a direct credit at the time taxes are filed. These donations are generally tax deductible for federal tax purposes and are a dollar for dollar credit for state tax purposes (not just a deduction).


QE Infinity has been on my mind. Wall Street pundits applied the term “infinity” for a reason. The thought of an “infinite” supply of cash being pumped into the economy felt good!  And the beat went on, and on. Poor economic data meant “infinity” would remain infinite and the markets ran. Slowing corporate profits?

Tim Bear and Tom Bull

If you were in downtown New York City tonight (which I’m not), sitting in a bar near Wall Street (which I wouldn’t), you may find yourself sitting “in the middle of” two traders. One, Tim Bear, a hedge fund investor, and the other, Tom Bull, an equity trader. Tim Bear may argue that financial markets are over-valued and in a “Fed-enduced” bubble.

A Move in the 10 Year Treasury

By Jeffrey Watts | Published May 10, 2013

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