Bond Market Returns

2019 Q4 Quarterly Insights

2019: A Year for the Record Books

While 2018 was one of the worst years for diversified portfolios since the 1990s, 2019 was one of the best. A simple US 60% stocks/40% bond (60/40) portfolio had one of the best risk-adjusted returns since the 1960s. We are cautiously optimistic for 2020...

Market Update

The Markets

“Fascinatingly counterintuitive…”

That’s how Michael Arone, an investment strategist, described the U.S. market environment to Avi Salzman of Barron’s:

Market Update

The Markets

Stock and bond markets rallied.

Last week, major U.S. stock indices finished higher for the 10th time in 12 weeks. Bond markets moved higher, too, with the yield on 10-year Treasuries dropping just below 2.6 percent, reported Randall Forsyth of Barron’s. Yields on 10-year Treasuries haven’t been this low since January 2018.

Weekly Market Update

Is it a soft landing?

Brexit's Impact on the Markets

This is a pretty good summary of Brexit's impact on the financial markets.

The Markets Reaction to Greece and Fed Policy

Some interesting thoughts on Greece and its impact on our Fed policy.

Rates Continue to Climb

The 10 year treasury rate continues to climb hitting the highest level since November.  Since April 17th, the rate has moved from 1.85% to 2.38%.  As rates move higher, bond prices will drop.  We continue to be very conservative in our interest rate exposure and periods like this should lead to out performance by our bond investments.

May Index Returns

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