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Don’t Let Email Hackers Spoof Your Advisor into Wire Fraud

You may be aware of some of the more prevalent fraudster activities, such as “phishing” which fraudsters use to trick you out of sensitive information.

Record Keeping in the Cloud – is it Safe?

As our lives become more intertwined with the Internet it may be only a matter of time before all of our important data is stored in this vast “cloud” of bits and bytes.  Most people are well on their way with online banking and bill paying, e-tax filing, email, document storage vaults, Social Security information, and soon we will be making payments using our smart phones.&nbs

Determining Your Risk Tolerance

What Does Having Wealth Mean to You?

In our discussions with clients, the term “wealth” has always been tossed about somewhat loosely. We talk about building wealth, wealth management, wealth enhancement, and wealth preservation and wealth in general as if it were universally understood.

Holdings That Help Reduce Portfolio Volatility

As you are probably aware, the market has struggled this week.  In face, this is the worst performing week for the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2011.  There are many causes for this.  The primary concerns are global growth, signs of deflation, oil prices, and China.  During times like these it’s important to focus on things that we can control.

The Keys to Building Wealth

For many Americans, building true wealth might seem elusive, even illusory considering that many people, who very recently were sitting on six and seven figure 401k plans and home equity values, now feel unprepared for retirement. The lessons learned from the financial crisis is that wealth can be fleeting.

Planning for the Long, Long Term

Most people looking to implement a financial plan are making decisions with the long term in mind. While what long term means tends to vary depending on factors like age, individual and family goals it’s safe to say most planners and their clients would agree that long term is usually measured in years, not months.

Does a Sand Sculpture Teach Us Anything About Financial Planning

Last week Jeff and I spent a few days at the beach in San Clemente, CA as leaders of a church youth group.  As part of the activities we brought in a friend of mine, Randy Ewing, to do a sand sculpture.  Randy is an artist and his sand sculptures are amazing.  We started early in the morning by loading 3 stacked plywood frames with packed sand.  Once the sand blocks were pre

Retirement Savings vs. College Savings

Our clients often ask if saving for their children's college education should supersede saving for their retirement.  We typically recommend retirement savings as the top priority.  As mentioned in this video, you can take out a loan for college but you can not for your retirement.


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